ECAS 2023 – Questioning the trauma. Mental disorders among African fighters (20th-21st centuries)

ECAS 2023 – Questioning the trauma. Mental disorders
among African fighters (20th-21st centuries)

In June 2023, MADAF members gathered in Cologne (Germany) for a workshop at ECAS 9. This panel aims to question the notion of “war trauma” by confronting it with the contrasting experiences of African fighters (men and women) during the 20th and 21st centuries. It will discuss the plurality of experiences and psychological manifestations, modes of care and forms of recognition in contemporary African societies.

Panel organized by Camille Evrard and Paul Marquis. With :

Aziza Doudou, docteure en histoire de l’Université de Lorraine, cheffe de projet CMSEA.
Fragmentations identitaires des soldats marocains durant la guerre d’Indochine

Patrick Junior Ngouné, docteur en histoire, Université de Tschang, Cameroun.
Dans l’intimité des supplétifs camerounais après la guerre d’indépendance au Cameroun 

Susan Iseyen, PhD student in History, Princeton University, USA.
Beyond the Battlefield: Understanding Trauma, Memory, and Mental Disorder in Post-Nigeria-Biafra Civil War

Marie Ngo Nkana, docteure en psychopathologie clinique de l’Université de Strasbourg, et Félix Kossi Baoutou, psychologue clinicien
et doctorant en psychologie à l’Université d’Angers, France.
Du traumatisme psychique : le cas des combattants togolais

Fisayo Ajala, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology, Stellenbosch University, South Africa.
The Problem is the Disorder: Narratives of Post Traumatic Combat Stress Disorder (PTSD) among Nigerian Soldiers in the Boko Haram War

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