Cecilia Draicchio

Cecilia Draicchio
PhD Student (Rome)

I am currently a PhD candidate in Anthropology at Sapienza University of Rome, working on the articulations of psychiatry and religious/spiritual healing in rural southwestern Ghana. My project looks at ‘collaboration’ experiences between different practitioners and questions the ways in which this kind of ‘collaboration’ is framed at the national and international level. More broadly, my research suggests that a rural area substantially framed as ‘marginal’ in national terms and generally overlooked in the ever-growing scholarship on mental health in Ghana could be a crucially ‘global’ site to reflect on the role of psychiatry in Africa today and to observe what ‘Global Mental Health’ actually means in people’s everyday lives, beyond its discursive dimension.

My participation in MaDaf will allow me to expand the scope of my research in a diachronic and comparative perspective. This approach will be crucial to better historicize, contextualize, and interrogate shifting conceptions and experiences of madness and mental illness in West Africa – thus avoiding their often misleading conflation – and to deepen my understanding of contemporary.

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