Archives of the hospital of Anjanamasina –
© Raphaël Gallien, 2019

December 2023, Camille Evrard, Mauritanie (Nouakchott).

November 2023, Paul Marquis, France (La Roche-sur-Yon, Nantes) : Consulting the registers of the Law, administrative reports and correspondence concerning patients repatriated from Algeria in 1962-1963.

March 2023, Paul Marquis, France (Montauban, Nantes) : Consulting hospital archives; conducting interviews with former staff members; consulting diplomatic archives.

February 2023, Paul Marquis, Algerie (Alger) : Consulting hospital archives.

December 2022, Camille Evrard, Niger (Niamey) :  continued development of the conservation project for the archives of Pavillon E, National Hospital ; interviews with military veterans and retired military doctors ; national archives consultation.

August 2022, Gina Aït Mehdi, Niger (Niamey) : inventory of the archives, meet with archivists and managers of Pavillon E and the National Hospital of Niamey, interviews with professionals and patients of Pavillon E.

May 2022, Paul Marquis, France (Limoges) : consultation of the medical and hospital archives of the Army.

April 2022, Gina Aït Mehdi, Niger (Niamey) : prepare the digitization of the archives of Pavilion E of the National Hospital of Niamey. Obtained research authorization from the Ministry of Higher Education and Research and the Niger Ethics Committee.

March – April 2022, Camille Evrard, Mauritanie (Nouakchott) : interviews with military veterans, active military officers and retired military doctors, active and retired psychologists, researchers and academics ; national archives consultation ; researches in specialised and private librairies.

November 2022, Romain Tiquet, Senegal (Dakar) : meeting with the staff of the psychiatric clinic Moussa Diop in Dakar (Fann Hospital). Visit to the Ministry of Interior’s archives.

October 2021, Romain Tiquet, Burkina Faso (Bobo-Dioulasso). The aim of this fieldtrip was to get in touch with the psychiatric ward of Bobo-Dioulasso (the first psychiatric service opened in 1958 in the former Upper-volta colony) and to get access to the archives of the service after ethical clearance. The regional archives of Bobo-Dioulasso were also visited in order to see how mental disorder was understood and suppressed by different institution of social control

December 2021, Camille Evrard, Niger (Niamey) :  interviews with military veterans and military doctors, active and retired psychologists dealing with PTSD, researchers and academics ; national archives consultation.

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