Frederic Macia

Frederic Macia
Neurologist/PhD Student 

As a neurologist in Toulon, I studied in my Master degree the reception of Algerian lunatics in the Pierrefeu-du-Var asylum and the evacuation of Parisian lunatics by collective train convoys to provincial asylums. From now on, as a doctoral student, I will undertake a more in-depth study of the transfer of “foreign” lunatics to the asylums in Provence. The initial objective is to produce a global analysis of the mass transfer of insane people from more or less distant places. 

My participation in Madaf will allow me to address the question of the 126 Senegalese who were transferred to the asylum of Saint Pierre in Marseille from 1897 to 1913. My research will give an account of the assistance policy carried out for this population, but also of their experience of exile, and of the political and medical reactions that their presence in Metropolitan France may have engendered.”

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