Raphaël Gallien (Associated Phd student)

Raphaël Gallien
Associated Phd student

Currently a PhD student at the University of Paris (CESSMA/Paris 7). Conceived as a historical anthropology, my research explores the various itineraries of the “insane” in Madagascar in order to question the articulation between individual subjectivities, (post)colonial daily life, and political and social recompositions. Without reducing madness to psychiatry and going beyond a purely clinical or administrative history, my objective is to give a large place to the diversity of actors in all their plurality and subjectivity in order to question who, in this context, is designated as mad, the implications that result from this, and the routine that emerges.

“My participation in MaDAf will allow me to extend this research beyond the colonial moment to question the continuities and ruptures that can be observed after the 1960s and up to the early 2000s. The question of repression, of self-invention, of trauma, or of the polyphony of social and political trajectories are all issues that I hope to explore in this research program.”

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