Romain Tiquet (PI)

Romain Tiquet
Principal Investigator

Trained in history and political science, I have explored several research themes that focused on the history of the police, forced labour, prisons and, more broadly, the repression of urban marginality in West Africa (essentially Senegal and Burkina Faso). In the continuity of this work I got the chance to become the PrincipaI Investigator (PI) of MaDAf. This project proposes to draw a comparative history of madness during decolonization and beyond independance in several African territories.

In this project I will investigate two lines of research : 1. to build a social and political history of (post)colonial Senegal and Burkina Faso through the use of psychiatric patient files. 2. To look at how political authorities govern and repress the “mad” after the independence in order to erase them from the society in a context of national construction. ”

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